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30 Piece Square Set

  • 30 PIECES OF FUN: This Playmags square set lets kids build, play & learn for hours of educational entertainment; recommended for ages 3+
  • VIVID COLORS: Playmags set assorted in 5 different sharp colours; red, orange, green blue, yellow, and purple. It can be great for class grouping!
  • OTHER MAGNETIC TILES: These Playmags tiles will work with any magnetic tile building toys. This can still be your first Playmags set.
  • START UP SET: Start your playmags collection with this simple 30 piece square set, you will be awed how fast your Playmags collection will expand on this!
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: Engineering toys stimulate problem solving, motor skills & shape recognition; Perfect for Preschool Games & Group Activities.


Let’s begin the creativity play, give your child an opportunity to develop and groom their creativity with the play-mag 30 piece set.

There is no other toy range better than play-mag toys.

The magnetic tiles and building blocks promote your child logical and reasoning skills.

From flat designs to squares, pyramids, plus many more unlimited geometric shapes, anything is possible! play MAG magnetic tiles can be easily connected with each other; your child can develop different structures from two-dimensional to complex three Dimensions.

Play MAG toys are created in the way that it is proven critical thinker behaviour.

The most magnificent high rise 3D towers are designed by little kids who have now developed into critical thinkers through creative play! playing with Playmags stimulates right side brain training through delightful and fun construction.

The ultimate mind exercise for the kids, it stimulates the brain activity with absolute fun.

Different structures and shapes prominent benefits are:

Educational Fun:

  • Provides great motor skills.
  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Enhances math, geometry, and science skills.


Creativity and Critical Thinking:

Better Learning:

  • Physics
  • Geometry
  • Math
  • Spatial reasoning and architecture.


Additional Features:

  • Brightly coloured tiles
  • Shapes that include squares, triangles and more in different sizes

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