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Playhouse Dollhouse Set

  • GREAT FEATURES: Here’s our new latest addition to our Playmags line! This Playhouse is taking things to greater heights and making the already enjoyable Playmags experience even greater by adding those cool, real-life features to our stock. This set includes 48 all magnetic pieces, 4 windows, 3 doors, 17 tiles, 10 roof tiles, 2 ceiling tiles, 4 roof sheets, 2 staircases and 2 support pole sets (6 pcs).
  • THE REAL DEAL: Watch your child’s imagination wander and create his own little Playhouse exactly to his likings. It features all the different parts that a house contains, like a garage to park the car, real windows and doors that you can open and close, steps that little play figures can walk up and down from, and many more features that will make your child want to play for hours.
  • CREATE AND CONNECT: Not only for child, also great for you to build up a positive relationship with your little ones in an environment of fun and in an environment that your child will enjoy and be able to freely express itself! It will have a great positive effect on them, and you will only get positive feedback from this one. It is a great toy for playdates and an every classroom essential!
  • COLORFUL CONSTRUCTION: All the parts are made from different coloured non-toxic, highly quality material to improve different thinking abilities, problem solving skills, symbolic thinking and sense of colour. This is designed so that your child will acquire geometrical shapes including 3-D forms, numbers counts, magnetic polarities and architectural design.
  • GREAT GIFT: What can be a better feeling knowing that you got just the right gift that your recipient will absolutely love? This item is a win win situation for both mom and child! The kids will be occupied while mommy can be in the kitchen or even just rewinding, because she knows that she can rely on this toy to keep her little ones enthusiastic, and she can be sure that they there will be a calm and playful atmosphere while this one is out.


Unique Design:

Each block features a unique Union Jack shape at the centre to give it super strength – and a cool look.

Learn early math concepts with Playmags Playhouse! They will teach you fractions, number graphing, building patterns shape puzzles, and simple addition sentences. The versatile Playmags engage children in creative play and help them learn and practice a variety of skills and concepts such as and not limited to Magnetic Principles, Force & Motion, Electricity, Nature Exploration.

There’s no limit to the way kids, parents, and teachers can use Playmags Playhouse set. Playmags playhouse set attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three- dimensional creations.

Try these fun alternatives to floor play:

Vertical play on garage doors, magnet boards, metal baking sheets, and refrigerators, outdoor play or near a window, play with other figurines. The product type is Playmags Playhouse Magnetic 48Piece Set,

The Original, Award-Winning Magnetic Building, Creativity & Educational, STEM Approved, Solid & Clear Colours.

Includes the following:

  • 4 windows
  • 3 doors
  • 17 tiles
  • 10 roof tiles
  • 2 ceiling tiles
  • 4 roof sheets
  • 2 staircases
  • 2 support pole sets (6 pcs)

Contains no small parts.
Not intended for children under 3 years.

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